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Every recruitment agency has a video saying why they break the mould. They have the best culture, the best perks, they work with the best clients.

TEC tried to make one of those videos, unfortunately our personalities got in the way. This is how it turned out… (you don’t want to see the bloopers)

Why Join Us

There are thousands of recruitment agencies out there, so why should you want to join CRG TEC?

You’re treated like an adult

You’re experienced and know what you are doing, so there’s no micromanagers here. No ridiculous KPIs or call monitoring - just loads of support and honesty to help you achieve your goals.

You get a say in how we work

You’re a valued member of the team with proper opinions about our tech, how to build your desk and where we’re heading as a company. We want to know what you think.

You’re a true Consultant

You’re not an order taker, you’re a recruitment partner. Your clients ask your opinion, listen to what you say and value your recruitment expertise. That’s where you get your kicks.

We’re Looking for Senior Consultants

If you don't see what you're looking for but think you'd be suited to TeamTEC? Feel free to get in touch.

Senior Consultant - Engineering

Fed up of being pigeon holed into a region or narrow niche?
Micromanagers more interested in your KPIs than quality?
Break out of the mould you have been forced into and have a chat with TEC today

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Senior Consultant - Software

Can you speak the language of Software candidates?
Can you help us manage the demand we currently face?
Want to have a chat to see if we can offer you a better opportunity? Stop settling for good when things could be better and give us a call!

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What Our Team Has to Say
(The Good Bits Anyway)

I’d previously worked with Neil and Stephen at another recruitment company and was always really impressed with their mix of professionalism, relationship building and honesty.

On a personal level we all get on really well too so the office is genuinely a fun place to be, plus the parties and days out of the office are great!
Alex Hewitt
Working at TEC feels like you're part of something. There's a drive and purpose to what we do.

But at the same time it is still relaxed and friendly. It's just good to be around everyone, knowing you're all together in 'it'
Rav Sidhu
We're not held back, there's no set way of achieving- everyone is a senior consultant and rewarded for hitting targets.

I worked for poor managers who didn’t encourage me or give me the opportunities I wanted. Here your progress isn’t stunted.
Deborah Coburn