Improving your LinkedIn profile for your job search

Improving Your LinkedIn Profile for Your Job Search

In this increasingly social media savvy world LinkedIn is becoming the go-to place for potential employers to find their new employees.  More and more HR departments and internal Talent Acquisition teams are subscribing to LinkedIn Recruiter accounts, building projects for those hard to fill positions and advertising through LI company pages.

So how do you set up your online profile to catch their eye and encourage them to get in touch?

CRG TEC’s step-by-step guide gives you the tools to make that happen.


Tell recruiters you’re open to offers

Pretty straightforward; you’re more likely to be contacted if people know you’re interested. The obvious way to do this is adding something along the lines of “currently looking for opportunities” or “immediately available” to your headline but if you’re in work this may give the game away.

There are more subtle options. If you go to the Dashboard section when editing your profile there’s a handy on/off button under the heading “Career Interests”, make sure this is on. Also make sure the “Contact For” options under Additional Info say career opportunities.


Make sure your profile is up to date

Treat your LinkedIn profile as a mini CV, a list of job titles and dates isn’t going to cut it in the super competitive world of social media. You need at least a brief job description and an outline of some of your key achievements. It doesn’t need to be an essay for each role but should give the reader a good idea about what you’re tackling on a daily basis.

Ensure job moves and promotions are all included on there and try to inject some of your personality into the description, as opposed to spouting bullet points from the dry job description you were given when you started.


Get recommendations

We’re not talking about colleagues “liking” your individual skills here (although it’s well worth listing a few of those too) but getting line managers, clients and those you’ve helped along the way to write a little paragraph extolling your virtues really sets you apart.

The fact that someone has taken the time to do this for you and is happy to vouch for you says a lot to potential employers. If you work in a niche industry where everyone knows everyone else getting a reputable voice attesting to your skills works wonders, and discussing mutual connections often provides a good icebreaker during interviews.


Get involved!

When Recruiters and the like are looking through profiles a good way of telling if someone is likely to come back to our advances is by checking their activity. Even tasks that take a second of your time, for example liking an article or congratulating someone on a promotion, are noted and shown on your profile. This creates a bank of social credit which could make the difference between someone sending you a message about a role or not.

Pretty much every industry and sector has a wealth of dedicated forums and groups on LinkedIn now and Recruiters are using these to tap into talent pools within the community. If you’re an active voice on a group, or even just the occasional commenter, you will be seen as a voice within your industry and likely be approached when new positions arise.


Target your ideal companies

If there are a few organisations you’d be keen to work for, be proactive! Follow them on LinkedIn so you’re aware of any updates they make or new jobs they post. Connect with your potential hiring manager or the internal recruitment team there and make it known you’d be keen to come and work for them. They may not have a suitable vacancy right away but you can bet if you have the right experience you’ll be the first point of call when it does come up.

So there you have it, a few handy tips and tricks to make your LinkedIn profile work for you when it comes to searching for your next big move.


Alexandra Hewitt – Senior Recruitment Consultant


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Stephen / CRG Tec recently supported me into a new role that I have now started. Right from the start I was impressed by the amount of time and support Stephen provided me with. There was lots of specific information to guide me through the different interview stages, which was extremely helpful. Stephen was regularly in contact with me throughout, keeping me informed and updated. I would recommend Stephen / CRG Tec to anybody seeking a new opportunity as I have not received a comparable experience with anybody else.
Neil has been a key agency supplier throughout my 8 years at Virgin Media, he is a go-to for difficult to fill Tech and Telco vacancies. His passion for what he does and his expert industry knowledge makes working with him and his team effortless . I always find Neil and the team to be honest, reputable & passionate about service that they deliver.
Deborah helps us recruit the best candidates for our growing business. We rely on her for finding candidates at different levels and competencies. Deborah is a true professional with dedication to her customers.
I recently worked with Stephen and CRG TEC as a candidate for a role I’m about to start, he was very helpful, supportive and informative. His professionalism was very exceptional and I’m highly impressed. I have dealt with many recruitment agencies, one thing I noticed he was genuinely interested in not only my career but also my personality.
Liam is one of the most knowledgeable consultants we’ve ever worked with and has become the only person we want to deal with in our field of hydraulic engineering.
I'm very happy with the service I received from my recruitment consultant Deborah, she was very helpful and friendly throughout the process. If I need to change job anytime in the future, I would definitely use her again.
We’ve worked with Neil Crudden since 2006 and he’s genuinely an extension of our business and someone who is as passionate as we are when it comes to sourcing the best people.
I was in a very good role but looking to move on. I knew what I wanted from a new position and had the bar quite high. I had several positions on the go but none of them were looking up to the challenge in terms of location, tech or type of workplace but Deborah managed to jump my high bar.
From the start to the end of the process Alex took the time to get to know me, understand what I was looking for and help me secure my new role. She was professional and honest, knew her client inside out, took the time to answer all my questions and thoroughly prepare me for interviews. Even after I started in my new job she’s kept in touch to make sure I settled in the role.
Dealing with Stephen I knew straight away he was interested in my career and how the role presented to me would help further myself professionally. We had very in depth conversations about the role and the company which helped settle my nerves. Stephen and CRG TEC know who they are as a company and are probably the best recruitment agency I have dealt with in my career.
We have worked with Deborah on numerous occasions and always found suitable candidates. Her approach is professional, yet friendly. Would recommend them to anyone who is looking for that little bit extra.
I worked with Stephen and CRG TEC as a candidate for a role I am about to commence. From the initial contact, through to successful completion, I found Stephen helpful, informative, supportive and professional. He provided solid advice throughout, was always available, and provided honest and open feedback. It was a good and positive experience. Highly recommended.
Alex was professional, informative and spot on with the client requirements, understanding my previous skills and experience. Throughout the process, Alex communicated thoroughly and accurately in setting up the contract. I would highly recommend Alex!
From start to finish the whole process of working with Stephen at CRG TEC was a pleasure. I submitted my CV on Tuesday and by the following Tuesday had the job! I was constantly updated about the process and the interview preparation was second to none! It gave me the edge and helped me greatly in the interview. A fantastic recruitment process!
Deborah made the whole recruitment process an absolute breeze - she proactively found suitable roles, arranged all the interview and follow up briefings - and managed to help me find a new job very quickly. Really happy to have worked with her, and would definitely recommend her!
Alex was incredibly professional and accurate with her description of the role. She made the whole interview process quick and chased up on information. She is thorough in making sure the role is ideal for both parties and incredibly helpful the whole way through.
Neil at CRG Tec is knowledgeable and incredibly well connected. Having worked with him very closely over the past 5 years, we have together conquered some tricky and fast paced hiring in which Neil’s passion and energy never waivers. Confidential, loyal and above all a true gent, he thrives on any challenge given, ensuring 100% that both the client and candidate experience is unrivalled.
Stephen got in touch with myself regarding a role at a Software Support Company having found my CV online. Over the years I've dealt with a wide variety of recruitment companies and you tend to think they're all the same, however the level of service I received from Stephen and CRG TEC was second to none.The entire service was thorough and professional.
My experience with CRG TEC has been brilliant. The guidance I received during the recruitment process really helped me ace the interview. It has been a pleasure to work with Stephen and his dedication and support was key to achieving the best outcome for all parties.
Deborah is an excellent Consultant. She managed the process perfectly from start to finish. I am so pleased with my new job, Deborah really listened to what I wanted and delivered. Thank you.
Alex contacted me when I was starting to get close to the end of my previous contract with an opportunity that has turned out to tick all of the boxes. She was very informative and knowledgeable about the role and guided me through the interview process and unlike some other recruiters I have come across she seemed to have actually done her homework and made sure the role was relevant to my skill set.
After feeling like a battery hen with many so-called recruitment firms, Neil was a breath of fresh air. Neil took his time to find what I was looking for and matched me with job that suited my personality, location and skills. I couldn’t recommend Neil any higher, a truly professional and personal service.
I worked with Stephen and CRG TEC as a candidate for a role I am currently working within. He offered me a lot of tips and information required to be successful in my interview and his professionalism was highly exceptional. I’ve dealt with a lot of recruiters in the past but took note of his genuineness, not only in my career but also my personality. He is a resourceful individual would highly recommend anytime.
Deborah has been so dedicated throughout the hiring period for our two developer roles. She's in constant communication with me, doesn't push us, but keeps us informed at all times. It's taken us some time to get the candidate we want, specifically for our needs and Deborah has been super patient with us at times. I'm glad to have someone who has provided that main point of contact for the whole cycle.
Alex has been awesome in guiding me through successfully gaining my next role in FM. It's been a particularly challenging adventure due to a relocation as well as a period of time when I was out of the country. Alex took it all in her stride and made me feel very relaxed. Nothing fazed her and she kept in regular contact with me through the whole process. This really is the first time I feel as though a recruitment consultant has not spun me a line or tried to 'sell' a role to me. She knew her client very well, which really helped me to pitch myself correctly at interview stage. Alex really 'gets it' and more importantly, really gets people, which is instrumental in this business. Alex has been a star and I hope we can work together again at some point.
After applying to a role online, I got a pleasant call from Stephen and straight from the off I could tell that Stephen had read through my CV and was invested in me. Stephen sorted my interviews impeccably and guided me fully throughout the whole process. I would fully recommend Stephen and thank him for all his help!

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